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Task Tackling

What it says on the tin. You give your employee a task, I tackle it with them.

Maybe you’ve asked your new manager to prepare a strategy or reorganise their team, or you’ve thrown someone into marketing and need them to magically come up with a plan to grow traffic, or you’ve asked your reliable top performer to figure out how to build a customer support function.

In fast-growth businesses this happens a lot. People are thrown into stretches and need to figure it out, often without much support and help. Some employees thrive in these situations, but a) they may not be doing it properly, and b) they won’t thrive forever – eventually they’ll want to learn and they’ll either want you to provide development, or they’ll seek it elsewhere.

This is where I come in. Think of me as someone who is co-managing your employee, or being a very hands-on mentor and coach.

No, I don’t do the actual task for them, I help them tackle it. So they do it right, so they learn.

We meet every two weeks for 1.5 hours. Ideally this service is added on after Tactical Training because while we’re tackling a specific task, we’re also tackling all the other tactics that come hand in hand with being a new manager or top performer.

It’s a monthly fee, designed to be accessible to startups because hey, I’ve been there. Instead of giving your top performers development budgets they don’t know what to do with, give them direct access to someone who will make them great at their job. That way you both win.

Get in touch to learn more 🙂