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Tactical Training

Two modules, delivered back to back or separately.

“That was the best management training I’ve had – especially the link between theory and your ACTUAL practical experience – it was a game changer. I got more from these days than I have in my my whole career to date”.

Hiring, 2 days (in-person, max 8 per cohort)

If you want a high performing team it starts from knowing who you need to hire and how you assess. It’s also all the in-between like how to design a job description, how to outreach, how to sell a company, how to probe in an interview and make the right call, how to run a reference and make an offer. Over the two days I share my 20 years of best practice.

We also dive deep into understanding the roles you are (or will be) hiring for, and as a group we practise, role play and demonstrate, so that you walk away knowing how to interview like a pro.

Leading, 3 days (in-person, max 8 per cohort)

Any training provider that promises to train people on how to be a good manager is full of shit. Being a good manager requires you to spend several years applying different tactics (making some mistakes and some wins) and learning from there.

I teach those tactics.

We cover things like how to use different leadership styles/when, how to give feedback, how to embed rituals, how to win over those above and below, how to tackle different situations, how to use your body and voice, how to problem solve, how to say things, how to run a 1-1.

The 3 days are filled with stories, discussion, demonstrations, role plays, and most importantly – practical tactics you can use the moment you walk out the room.

You can book an entire cohort for 8 of your staff, or you can book seats to “open” cohorts.

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