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High performers don’t get enough attention.

As a CEO, Founder you’re just SO. DAMN. BUSY. You’re also probably on your own journey to becoming a great leader, and so you don’t have the time/headspace/capability to be turning others into great performers in parallel.

But you have people in roles that are a stretch for them. 

I know this, I’ve been there. Fast-growth businesses are about the constant stretch.

I was always the right hand to CEO/Founders, and I always led People, Operations, or anything and everything that didn’t have an owner or was in trouble and needed fire power. Alongside this, I unofficially took on the role as the person who supported and developed these high-performing stretchers. 

Now, this is what I specialise in.

And honestly, it’s a gap – one I used to feel first hand when running a company. Traditional coaching can be a long game that doesn’t instantly help an employee; and standard training courses are fluffy, theory-based, boring, and often led by people who have no real battle scars or stories to tell.

I currently offer two services, with another on the way: